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2013: Year in Review

2013-010A couple of my good friends have been posting their top 10 memories from this year to Facebook. Well, I decided to be a rebel and post it on my blog for the whole world to see. Ridiculous, I know. But hey, I got style. So here, in no particular order, are my favorite memories from this year. Continue reading

Happiness, Life, Nostalgia

Oh, Nostalgia

2113This time of year always makes me nostalgic – for the past, for old friends. I begin to walk down memory lane, falling into quite the sentimental spiral. Both good and bad memories begin to flood my mind, making my heart ache and my mouth smile wide. But unlike the great Gatsby, I know it is impossible to relive the past. Continue reading


College Problems

kicking assThe time has come to head into my (hopefully) last semester of college, or university for you foreigners. I was applying for graduation this morning, when I realized I couldn’t complete the application. I have not received my grades for this past semester yet, but I know if I don’t pass one class – with a solid C – I will have to change my entire game plan. Continue reading