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The Art of Saying Goodbye

100_3182Woah, it’s been a whirlwind of a few months. With each passing day, I grow closer to graduating, or well, hopefully graduating. Either way, I’ve started my own personal countdown [32 days] and bucket list of things I need to do before I leave my beloved Drake University in approximately four weeks.

Saying goodbye is tough.

It’s so incredibly difficult to bid adieu to friends and faculty that have become family over the last four [in my case, three and a half] years. And it is even more difficult to say adiós to this campus, this town that has become my home.

That is what I believe I may miss the most upon graduating – Des Moines.

I drove into this city with a certain perception – that this city is rundown, cold, and not somewhere I can see myself thriving post-graduation. Living here for the past three or so years, my perception has completely changed. Des Moines is a beautiful, welcoming, and vibrant city, one I can see myself living in for the rest of my life. I am actually scared to leave more than anything – I’m afraid that wherever I end up, it will not be nearly as great as this little-big city.

So, to properly say farewell to this thriving city, I am going to attempt to give back one final time. How, I am not sure yet, but once I figure it out, I will be certain to make sure I follow through with my goodbye.

The rest of the stuff on my bucket list is a bit silly, but to me, they’re everything in order for me to leave Drake on the positive note I wish to end my college career on.

I am dying to attend West End Breakfast on the Friday of Relays. I never have, mainly because this is the first year I am able to, but I know my final Relays will not be complete until I do so.

Never have I ever had a kiss at the Kissing Rock, so obviously, I must before I graduate. I mean, maybe that guy will be the love of my life for all I know.

And finally, I want to mend broken ties, get together with old college pals one final time. Whether it’s meeting up with my Morehouse crew from freshman year or people I have simply lost touch with over time, I want to make sure I leave Drake knowing I tried my best to fix what is broken, including myself.

I may be leaving Drake in a little under four weeks, but it will forever hold a special place in my heart. I will look back on these last few years as the ones that changed my life – forever. The good, the bad, the happy, the sad – all of it has changed me, and I like to believe it has all been for the better.

So, Drake, thanks for everything. But more importantly, thank you to everyone at Drake who has pushed me to my limits and helped me grow into the woman I am today.

It’s a great day to be a Bulldog.



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