Photo on 2011-04-11 at 13.27Hello world! My name is Samantha Baker, and you my friend have stumbled upon my lovely little blog. These posts are random accounts of my life. Tips and tricks can be found for surviving on the day to day basis, as well as quirky tidbits and stories about my life. Selfish, I know. But hey, I needed a space to write down my thoughts, unfiltered of course. You’ll get the whole truth and nothing but the truth from me. Disagree with what I have to say? Sound off in the comments. Love my latest post, or made you laugh? Feel free to let me know about that too. This may be primarily about me, but it’s also about you. My goal is to say my piece and make you feel a bit better about the life you lead. Whether that’s exploring how pathetic I can be to make you say, “Well, at least I’m not her,” or get you to smile from reading a funny story. I also run The Cultured Collegiate. Feel free to give that a peek if you love pop culture. Now, go forth and explore. And don’t forget to let me know what you think.


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