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& Everything has Changed

tumblr_nf73hmbTB51qaobbko1_500For the past few weeks I’ve been dying to write, to express what I have beenĀ feeling, however I haven’t had the time, or maybe, maybe I was scared. Either way, as I listen to this 8tracks playlist all curled up in my bed, I realized that I am finally ready to say what I’ve had such a strong desire to share. Continue reading

Happiness, Life, Nostalgia

Oh, Nostalgia

2113This time of year always makes me nostalgic – for the past, for old friends. I begin to walk down memory lane, falling into quite the sentimental spiral. Both good and bad memories begin to flood my mind, making my heart ache and my mouth smile wide. But unlike the great Gatsby, I know it is impossible to relive the past. Continue reading